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You could spend a lifetime discovering unique British buildings, furniture and landmarks; we have. From the very beginning Cro s & Assinder has specialised in the design and manufacture of extraordinary cabinet handles and luxury  ttings. In our 140 year history we have had the privilege of dressing furniture at London’s Ritz and Waldorf hotels, the White House in Washington, Parliament House in Buenos Aires and ships of the Cunard and White Star Line.
Established in 1875 George Cro s and Frederick Assinder commenced trading as brass founders at the heart of British industry in Birmingham, England. To this day, Cro s & Assinder has stood the test of time and remains in the same hands of the families that created the company at the outset. We endeavour to make the ordinary extraordinary, combining a unique blend of our British heritage with timeless design and quality.
Fixing Centres Length Width/Diameter Height/Projection

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