Internships provide vital stepping stone
August 02 2016
In any sector, young people can really make a difference to an organisation’s workforce. They provide fresh thinking, a creative skill set and can sometimes turn out to be some of your best full-time employees.
Through work experience and internships, young people can get their foot on the career ladder and gain a real-life insight into the industry. Although in previous years, there has been a real debate around the value of internships, for a growing number of people, an internship is seen as a “necessary and vital step towards employment”.

Recently, we welcomed Yoan Bucci to the team. Yoan is a French student who is undertaking a two-month internship at Crofts & Assinder.

He is currently studying business development at Université de Grenoble and is already helping with a range of tasks, including contacting French customers, supporting the sales team, organising the warehouse and working on real-life projects including account management.

Yoan has brought nothing but enthusiasm and passion to Crofts & Assinder, and we are committed to supporting young individuals on their career journey and providing them with a rewarding experience through our internship programme.

We are aware that one of the key challenges for our industry will be providing the economy with the right skills and attracting young people into industries such as manufacturing and distribution, where there is a clear skills shortage gap.

Internships have a number of benefits including providing young people with the basic skills that an employer will require, boosting an individual’s CV, developing their industry knowledge and confidence, and mostly, giving them a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market.

Whether it’s through internships, apprenticeships or a two-week placement, young people can enhance their transferable skills and gain real-life learning experiences in the workplace - and those are the skills that businesses value the most.

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