Montpellier Knob Cracked White/Nickel Pewter
Product Number: KB-M-3620-CKW/NP
Montpellier Knob White/Stainless Steel
Product Number: KB-M-3620-W/SS
Montpellier T-Knob Cracked Cream/English Bronze
Product Number: KB-CM-3676-CKC/E
Montpellier T-Knob Cracked White/Nickel Pewter
Product Number: KB-CM-3676-CKW/NP
Montpellier T-Knob White/Stainless Steel
Product Number: KB-CM-3676-W/SS
Montpellier Pull Cracked Cream & Bronze
Product Number: HN-CM-3677-128-CKC/E
Montpellier Pull in Cracked White & Pewter
Product Number: HN-CM-3677-128-CKW/NP
Montpellier Pull in White & Stainless Steel
Product Number: HN-CM-3677-128-W/SS
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Well connected Overseas Agents required to sell unique decorative hardware to end users and suppliers of furniture fittings throughout the furniture industry.

Excellent commission rates available.